We’re a Son & Mother duo proudly hailing from the little island of Ireland. It was Shane, at age 16, that saw the potential in some roasted beans and peas he came across while Mum, Yvonne, was working on  another start-up developing a healthy beverage using dried fruit & vegetables. Her business at the time and had disregarded the ingredients as they weren’t suitable for her drink product.

But, boy, was Shane happy with the leftover beans. After blending them in a range of different flavours, salted, paprika, garlic & onion they tasted awesome. He began taking them to school where he shared them with his pals, (nut-free so permitted as a  school snacks). Once he realised the popularity for these delicious crunchy pulses it was not long before he had a small school snack business on the side.  

The following year mum, Yvonne, joined the business and helped to grow Blendi across international markets and expand into retail stores nationwide. Now, we’re both focused on creating the most appetising healthy snacks the world has ever seen!

"Blendi" blending roasted pulses in a range of delicious seasonings.


We hate to brag but our multi award-winning product says it all!

We don’t mean to brag but our broad bean snacks are making a big impression. That’s five awards including two Great Tastes. Nice!



Whether you swim, run, climb or dance, finding a sport you love is essential to keeping an exercise routine going.

We play padel nearly every week. It’s competitive, fun, keeps you moving and is so easy to pick up. Usually, after a good session, we’ll feel that familiar burn in the legs. That’s why we always pack a tube of Blendi. Broad beans are naturally high in protein and fibre, making them a great post-workout recovery snack.



At Blendi, we care about the planet and want to do our bit. That’s why we’ve partnered with We Forest to plant a tree for every 100 packets of Blendi sold. You can find out more about the great work We Forest are doing here

As a business we support responsible farming and agriculture. We hope to be growing our beans here in Ireland very soon. We also want to reduce packaging where possible, and that’s why we encourage you to buy in bulk via our Jumbo packs.

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